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מילטון פרנק

Milton Frank
Emigrated to Zion in 2007. Father of two boys, Lior Yam Moishe, age 18. Stav Or El, age 16. Has exhibited his art for 27 years, first in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C..and Annapolis, Maryland. Moved to Katzir in 2011 and is living with his two beautiful sons on the central hill.

Painting portraits of jazz and blues musicians and painting scenes from the Golan Heights and the Sinai using the medium of oil paint, brushes, and graffitti spray paint on canvass. Always manages to sell his art both outside of Israel and inside Israel. Works at his art in his backyard garden. He does not teach art or give workshops, and has no connection to any charitable orginizations. He considers himself fortunate to have time to do his art for himself, and even more fortunate to bring it out for exhibit and share with the the Katzir community,.

He always says doing art is the primary goal, but from time to time you need to take the art out, just like taking the dogs out for a walk. He will be presentng his works of art alongside Bat Chen in the Kiryat Omanim.

מילטון פרנק משתתף בפסטיבל אומני קציר, שיערך בחג שבועות 12-13/6/2024, בישוב הקהילתי קציר,
שנמצא במועצה האיזורית מנשה.
מילטון יציג את עבודותיו בפסטיבל בקרית האומנים, קציר


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